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Motivation: Our focus is on Green Hydrogen

With global climate change worsening, the oil crisis intensifying and the increasing impact of population growth, the implementation of sustainable energy development strategies is essential. In the context of efforts to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, countries are exploring, researching, and implementing new cutting-edge energy technologies.

The energy from hydrogen has attracted a lot of attention as clean, efficient, and sustainable energy, having advantages such as: being free of pollution, renewable, abundant resources and high calorific value of combustion. Hydrogen energy will play an important role in the green energy system of the international society in the future, considered the most potential energy carrier in the future. Furthermore, the production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water can effectively stabilize the intermittence of wind and solar energy.


Since the 1990s, hydrogen energy has attracted widespread attention from around the world and the 'hydrogen economy' has become a new field of energy competition in the 21st century. The world's leading developed countries and international organizations have attached great importance to hydrogen energy and invest heavily in hydrogen energy-related technologies.

The development of a variety of sustainable and reliable energy matrices that will be able to supply the energy needs of a growing population is a major global challenge today and hydrogen is a viable solution.


To contribute to the resolution of these challenges and to develop new technologies through applied research and existing technologies around the world, TecHUB Hidrogênio Verde seeks to integrate projects and solutions focused on green hydrogen in a single collaborative environment of pilot plants to generate, store and supply energy.

Creating a dynamic, collaborative, and open environment for prospecting, evaluating, and monitoring technical, commercial, and technological arrangements that involve and foster the green hydrogen value chain.

The objective is to promote solutions capable of generating business through investment in RD+I in the green hydrogen value chain.

We will provide a summary of exclusive content dealing with relevant topics, state-of-the-art, and updates on Green Hydrogen TecHUB ongoing projects. In addition, we will promote face-to-face and virtual meetings with experts in the field, includingworkshopswith the presence of international lectures.

Turbinas de energia verde


Protótipo de design

Target Audience

We are interested in connecting with companies, research centers, universities and startups that operate at some point in the Green Hydrogen value chain:

- Batteries

- Agricultural/fertilizers

- Petrochemical

- Energy

- Metallurgical

- Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

- Mobility/Transport

- Aerospace Industry

- Investors

- Regulation

- Final Consumers

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